You are currently viewing 11 reasons why WordPress is a top-quality web development platform

11 reasons why WordPress is a top-quality web development platform


11 reasons why WordPress is a top-quality web development platform

11 reasons why WordPress is a top-quality web development platform

You have started your own business. Now, you wish to have a website for your business. You think you need to be tech-savvy to build a website. But, with WordPress, that is not the case. You can build a business website on WordPress with ease, in quick time, and 100% customized.

So, what is WordPress?

WordPress started as a blogging tool, but over a period of time, it has become a web development platform and a content management system. It is open-source software that you can download and install. Its popularity has grown across the world as the preferred web development platform.

Let’s look at the reasons why WordPress is popular for developing websites:

11 reasons why WordPress is a top web development platform

A free web development platform

FREE. Isn’t this word so good to hear? And that too when used for a web development platform. But, yes, WordPress is free. You can download it, install it, use it, and make changes to it without spending any money.

But, mind you, the WordPress software is free. You still need to buy a domain name and pay for web hosting while installing it. This is a great merit of WordPress, as compared to the time when building a website was an expensive affair.

Ease of use

When technology is easy to use, you are done with half of your customer targeting job. It is one of the greatest features of WordPress. You need not be a technology expert to create a website on WordPress.

If you are a beginner intending to create a website, use WordPress as the website development platform. There is a simple dashboard with tabs of different options such as adding pages, managing widgets, posting, setting for appearance, various tools, etc. You can manage all the steps of creating a beautiful website without any difficulties.

WordPress also provides regular updates for your website that you just need to click on to install. You can add new plugins and themes. You can also make your website secure and add backup plugins to store all data at a remote location.

Possibility of customization

How about creating your website the way you want it? That’s possible in WordPress. You can let your creativity flow through every part of the website. Your ideas, your thoughts, and your imagination about your website are what you get on WordPress.

There are different plugins, themes, colors, backgrounds, and templates to choose from. You can select any combination and develop your website the way you want it. Moreover, customization of functionalities on the website is also possible on WordPress. Many plugins are available that you can select to add analytics, SEO, contact forms, or any other functionality.

Whether it is a website or online store or just a blogging site, you can customize it as per your ideas. And, that too, with just a selection of a button; no coding required. This is why people prefer WordPress as a web development platform as you can create a unique experience for your readers.

Rank higher with WordPress’s SEO-friendliness

People compete for ranks on Google by trying many SEO strategies. They look for more traffic, higher number of visits, etc.

The design of WordPress is SEO-friendly. All search engines, including Google, love WordPress. This is because of the high-quality code used in making WordPress. So, whatever pages you want to compete on, you can customize their SEO components and get higher rankings.

Because of the simple coding of the WordPress platform, it is easier to index a site’s content. Also, you have the option to prepare keywords, title, and description for every page, image, blog, or video for accurate SEO.

Also, there are SEO plugins on WordPress. You can use them to increase the traffic on your website. Again, the plugin is easy to understand and use.

Guarantee of security and safety

The safety of a website is the biggest concern for any business. But, WordPress is a secure platform built to keep websites safe from attacks and malware. It has additional plugins available that you can install to improve your website’s security. Also, security updates alert you about any new concerns.

Extended functionality

WordPress provides you the option to increase your website’s functionality. You can add a string of images, different forms of videos or audio files, event calendars, etc. Plugins make this possible. Some plugins are free while some are affordably priced.

Thus, you can add whatever plugins you want at low or no costs. Thus, you can enhance the user experience with this feature, which may result in conversion from visitors to customers.

No need for different websites for different devices

One of the biggest challenges of websites is to have them consistent for all devices. With WordPress, you do not have to face such a challenge. WordPress uses a responsive web technology that allows the creation of only one website for multiple devices. Thus, it saves time, which is equal to money.

Updating and up-gradation of the website is easier

If you wish to make alterations to your website, WordPress makes it easier for you. You can do it from anywhere and at any time, provided you have Internet.

Not all web development platforms provide you with a convenient experience of adding features and functionalities. But, with the WordPress platform, you can avoid such a cumbersome process. You can just search for the relevant plugins and install them.

Easy to integrate with social networks and other third-party tools

WordPress web development platform allows you to integrate your website with social networks. So, you are not required to log in to each of your social media profiles. With such seamless integration, when an update on your website happens, your connections on linked social networks get an update.

Also, WordPress’s popularity has led to the availability of integrations with several third-party tools. You can have lead generation tools, CRM software, payment gateways, email marketing, and many other tools that work with your website on WordPress.

Multiple users and multiple pages

You can have multiple users for your website. The administrator (that means you) can assign access to users based on their capabilities. Thus, you can share work and still have control over your website.

Also, the scalability of WordPress websites is high. This means, even if you add several pages to your website, its performance does not go down. So, you do not have to worry about shifting the website development platform from WordPress to another one when your business grows. WordPress can accommodate all types of businesses.

An active community of WordPress users

WordPress community is vibrant and supportive. You will find many guides, articles, and blogs on new features, functionalities, best practices, and how-to processes. Just read those and you are ready to deal with the world. All your doubts or confusions get resolved because of this active community.

You can also ask for direct assistance or advice from forums. So, if you are finding difficulty in a feature or plugin, just search with the right keywords, you will find help.


So, now you know the benefits of building a website on the WordPress platform. Why not make one? Try it on your own. If you find difficulty, hire a web development company with expertise in WordPress.

We, at Digiwagon Technologies, can help you with building a website on any web development platform, including WordPress. Our professional designers understand your requirement and create an impressive website with a strong user interface that gives a quality user experience.

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