5 Ecommerce Trends to Boost Business Growth in 2022

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Every year e-commerce industry experienced a significant amount of business growth right from 1995 when Amazon successfully sold a book online. To stay ahead in the heavy competition and fierce eCommerce marketplace, e-commerce platforms keep introducing new ways for business growth by satisfying online shoppers. Their blooms e-commerce trends and evolves year-by-year to attract more online shoppers.

List of Top 5 Ecommerce Trends to follow For Business Growth in 2022

Here we have elaborated on the top 5 e-commerce trends that every e-commerce business owners should follow to stay ahead and to get succeed in this 2022.

Business Growth

Smartphone gives the shopper instant access to the products and services without any limitation or restrictions. Owing to that, the conversion rate is on high when compared with desktop shoppers. As per the recent survey report, around 72% of the worldwide e-commerce sales would be done through mobile shopping by the end of 2021.

The introduction of AR and VR boost the product visualization and it automatically increases the sales. The implementation of AR and VR in the e-commerce industry will enhance the brand experience and it will create an immersive environment for the shoppers to engage the e-commerce platform.

In recent years, voice commerce has empowered the e-commerce industry, especially after the arrival of Alexa in late 2014. Over the past few years, huge investments are on the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Currently, around 13% home in the US own smart speakers and the numbers will increase in the near future and shoppers will prefer speakers for shopping.

Since there’s no physical contact in the e-commerce platform shoppers will prefer in-depth visual product description rather than simply text-based description and image and it won’t an appealing trend in upcoming days. Start using the visual model of the product description and attract more shoppers.

Currently, more than 50% of shoppers prefer personalized mode of online shopping so that they can easily find what they need. For e-commerce business owners, personalization increases the sales conversion rate by reducing the site bounce rate dramatically.


One can’t ignore the fact e-commerce is keep evolving constantly to match the requirement of the shoppers. So, the e-tailers and online-based vendors need to adapt to the changes influenced in the e-commerce industry to succeed. Keep yourself adapt with the above listed 5 e-commerce trends to stay ahead of the curve in upcoming days.