You are currently viewing 9 objectives that you can satisfy with email marketing campaigns

9 objectives that you can satisfy with email marketing campaigns


9 Objectives That You Can Satisfy With Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing campaigns

9 Objectives That You Can Satisfy With Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is older than social media, videos, podcasts, or other digital marketing channels. But it has not lost its shine. On the contrary, some companies prefer email marketing over other digital marketing strategies.

The main reason for email marketing’s popularity is its reach and personalization. Also, users prefer emails for business communication more than any other channel. That is why email marketing is here to stay and will stay in the future as well.

Despite its popularity and reach, an email marketing campaign will not work if your email is not good enough. So, it is essential to learn to write effective email campaigns before shooting them to the targeted audience. But, before that, try to identify the objectives of your email marketing campaign. You can have one or two or many of the objectives for email marketing campaigns mentioned below:

Emails are an effective way of having conversations with your customers. For that, you need to put in effort regularly to build a conversation. That does not mean sending emails daily to tell them about your promotional offers, products, or personal conversation.

For a customer, clicking on the subscription link of your newsletter is a fearful decision. Customers do not want to be bombarded with regular emails. So, it would help if you also respect the sanctity of a business-customer relationship.

Start with sending emails with information about your products and services. Your history. Sourcing of your products or manufacturing process. Your corporate social responsibility activities. Anything on the company that is informative and educative for them.

Now, your relationship with your customer is built. You are sure that the customer is nowhere to go. You can start sending promotional emails and offers, hoping to generate sales. But, the customer has the upper hand, with the right to unsubscribe from your newsletter when your emails are not helpful enough.

Your customers are interested in knowing about you. The company, philosophy, offerings, social media presence, corporate social responsibility activities, etc. So, you can feed them this information through email marketing campaigns.

Every email must have a piece of new information for them. It also can be a notification for some events or introduction of a new product, or the establishment of a new office. You can also promote a blog by sending a link via email.

With all this information, customers feel that you value them. But try to be interesting enough when sending such information emails. Send emails with videos, images, audio, or graphics to capture customers’ attention.

Not all customers use social media. Not all people using social media post their reviews there. Not all your customers will tell you about your products in face-to-face conversation. So email is the best way to get feedback from your customers on your products and services.

The best part about feedback on emails is that customers can be honest there. You can use this opportunity by sending them emails requesting their feedback. You can set up a small survey or ask a few questions about your products or services to get to know their reactions.

Some questions can be:

Asking for feedback also gives customers a feeling that you care and you want to improve your offerings. You know your audience better and can target your offerings and campaigns accordingly. Also, in the subsequent email marketing campaign, you know which customer to target for what product.

How about attracting new customers through email marketing campaigns? Emails are an excellent way to achieve this goal. The best thing about email marketing is that you can sit in your office and attract customers from any city or country.

You can send emails to existing customers to refer you to their friends, family, or colleagues and give them a discount. Or, you can send a new list of contacts a promotional email offering a discount on their first purchase. Thus, not only do you acquire new customers, but your chances of increasing sales also improve.

If you want to tell your potential or existing customers about your new products, new services, or your sister brand, emails are the way. Emails are an excellent way to inform your customers about your new products and services. Thus, you come to know how many people will learn about your offerings in a single click.

Thus, you make your brand more visible to a greater number of people in the market. Suppose you expand your presence to a new city or in a new product category, send emails informing people about your expansion. Thus, your reach increases at a low cost, and your brand’s visibility improves.

Send your existing and potential customers emails on your new awards or positive reviews. Such emails will build confidence in existing customers that they have made the right choice. It might also increase the chances of your potential customers making the next purchase from you.

Such emails show your consistency in efforts to keep your customers engaged. Customers know you are making constant efforts to improve your visibility.

Email marketing campaigns are an effective way to increase your sales. When customers buy a product or service, send them an email promoting a related or higher-priced product. This means you can increase your sales with upselling or cross-selling.

For example, if a customer bought software, you can send an email giving them the option of upgrading. You can send this upselling email when the original purchase is about to be updated, renewed, or refilled.

Another option is cross-selling. Suppose a customer buys a camera. You can send an email cross-selling camera lenses or camera bags to them.

All this is possible if you know your customers better. Study your customers’ purchase behaviour, usage habits, etc., to help you decide when to send such cross-selling or upselling emails. Also, study when your customers are in the conversion stage to send them promotional offers so that they buy your offerings.

Also, you can send those urgent offer emails with CTAs asking users to act immediately. Such messages can have text such as “last day of offer” or “the sale ends today”. Such emails increase your sales for that period because they create urgency among customers.

Customer loyalty is what every brand aims for. With customer loyalty, you know you have a fixed number of customers who will buy your product and not your competitors. And you can build this customer loyalty with email marketing campaigns.

For this, keep sending emails to them. Sometimes, increase your customers’ knowledge; at other times, promote your products. Also, send emails that inform them about offers or sales only for loyal customers. Customers feel good about special offers, which can increase your sales.

Such frequent emails from you keep you at the top of their mind. So, when they need a product category that you sell, the first brand they will think of is you. Thus, it improves brand loyalty.

Emails are a means to guide your customers to your websites. Add calls-to-action, buttons, or links in emails to take the reader to your website. Thus, it is a way to improve your website traffic.

Such emails take customers to the website, where they can get all the information. Either they get to know about a new product or a launch, complete a sale transaction or anything you want to focus on. Customers can reach the website to see the product features in detail.

You can send emails to wish customers on their birthdays. You can also send festival greetings for big festivals. With such emails, you can add information on special offers for loyal customers or some discount if it’s their birthday.

Such emails show customers that you care. If you are giving some offers along with such wishes, it might increase your sales as well. This is just a way to show your customers that they deserve special attention for being your customers.


You can have any objective for your email marketing. But, remember to create compelling emails with an excellent copy to generate value for your customers. Develop a sturdy email marketing strategy and design your campaigns around it.

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