Why Should Startups opt for Android Application Development?

Why Should Startups opt for Android Application Development Banner

In this era, there has been a constant shift from offline store to online and then to Android Application Development. It is no more a surprise, as a massive part of our population is using smartphones to access information or to do their day to day works. As startups, investing and developing android apps is extremely necessary in this highly competitive world.

Along with a host of advantages, there are many other reasons why you should invest in android application development.

Android Application Development

Nowadays, Android is capturing 87% market share, which is an amazing number. It is quite obvious that Android apps have a larger audience compared to Windows, iOS or Linux. So, it makes sense in investing in android apps. In addition, it offers the option for the target audience to access the business solution offered by the service providers.

While promoting business, startups usually face many risks, however an android app can reduce it to a considerable extent as it can target users more effectively. Moreover, taking feedbacks from customers has become quite easy.

Android mobile app development has become cheaper as it is an open-source platform. Developing apps by startups is beneficial taking the budget into consideration. Developers can avail the benefits of accessing Android SDK for free.

Android apps can be submitted to other third-party platforms, along with the Google Play Store. This makes marketing strategies better by reaching more and more people. When compared with the web applications, mobile applications can be marketed much faster.

Being an open-source platform, the codes & documentations are easily available which takes less time in creating the app. Hence, startups can obtain quicker returns on their investments.

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