Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Computing Platform

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In the last decade, any entrepreneur who has started his company is probably using cloud computing/a> platfrom to better manage his business. These platforms have been around for a while, and there is currently an increasing number of companies that have started offering cloud computing platform services.

At the moment, the three biggest players are IBM Cloud Computing,
Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft. These companies have been fighting for supremacy for several years now and have constantly released new products and services to surpass the others. However, others, such as AWS and Oracle, are smaller but focus on specific types of clients.

This having been said, how does one choose which cloud computing platform to migrate to?

Cloud computing platform

The first step when looking to choose a cloud service to use is to determine how secure it is. This includes the security of the web component as well as that of the physical servers.

Call the company you are interested in, and ask for details such as how the data is encrypted, where the servers are located, and who can access them. While you may not get a clear answer, you will at least be able to find out some of the company's online and offline security protocols about their Cloud Computing Platform. Ideally, all your information should be stored on encrypted servers, and the provider should offer a secured online channel for both uploads and downloads .

Every time you look at a cloud computing platform, pay attention to the pricing of the service tiers. As your business expands, so will your cloud computing need, and it is important to ensure that the prices do not grow exponentially from one tier to the next.

Also, determine how easy it is to move your data. If you ever need to switch Cloud Computing Platform, not being able to move all the information from one provider to another may leave you locked in. These details can be discovered by discussing the possibility of transferring the data directly with the provider.

Lastly, make sure that the platform that you choose has a good customer support service. Business cloud computing solutions have 24/7 support teams on the stand-by and can fix most issues in under 2-4 hours.

A common issue with smaller cloud computing services is that they have downtime. In other words, there may be periods when you will not be able to access your data.

Call the provider and ask about downtime issues, and if you do not get a clear answer, go online and read reviews that are between 6-12 months old. This should give you a good indication of how the platform functions.

Another detail that you have to take into consideration is where the closest datacentre is located. The physical distance between your location and the datacentre will have a big impact on transfer speed. For example, if the nearest server cluster is located in another country, uploading and downloading large amounts of data will be slow and ineffective for Cloud Computing Platform.

On the other hand, if the provider has a data center located in the same country (preferable at a maximum distance of 500 km), the transfer speed will only be limited by your internet subscription.