Google’s New Compression Tool Will Save Your Bandwidth Through Machine Learning

Google’s new compression tool will save your bandwidth through machine learning Banner

Photographers of all specialities, skills and genres have long made their home on Google+, sharing their work with a supportive community. Whether it’s of toys, travel or street art, each photo has a unique story to tell, and deserves to Save Your Bandwidth and be viewed at the best possible resolution.

Traditionally, to Save Your Bandwidth also meant using lots of bandwidth, leading to slower loading speeds and higher data costs. For many folks, especially those where data is pricey or the internet is spotty, this is a significant concern.

save your bandwidth

To help everyone be able to Save Your Bandwidth that photographers share to Google+ in their full glory, we’ve turned to machine learning and a new technology called RAISR. RAISR, which was introduced in November, uses machine learning to Save Your Bandwidth and produce great quality versions of low-resolution images, allowing you to see beautiful photos as the photographers intended them to be seen. By using RAISR to display some of the large images on Google+, we’ve been able to Save Your Bandwidth up to 75 percent less per image we’ve applied it to.

RAISR-info machine learning image

While we’ve only begun to roll this out for high-resolution images when they appear in the streams of a subset of Android devices, we’re already applying RAISR to more than 1 billion images per week, enabling you to Save Your Bandwidth by total of about a third. In the coming weeks we plan to roll this technology out more broadly — and we’re excited to see what further time and data savings we can offer

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