You are currently viewing Top 10 Node.js frameworks for your app development needs

Top 10 Node.js frameworks for your app development needs


Top 10 Node.js frameworks for your app development needs


Top 10 Node.js frameworks for app development needs

The demand for web applications in the current times is high. More and more businesses are using web apps to improve user experience. And developers try different frameworks to ensure more features and functionalities for users.

One of the most popular server environments facilitating web application development is Node.js. It is a JavaScript runtime environment where developers can run programs. It is an open-source, free-to-access environment. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows, and many other platforms.

It is a go-to choice for many backend and front-end developers. And the main reason for this is that Node.js has several frameworks to work on. These frameworks extend Node.js’ capabilities by creating faster, scalable, and easy-to-use apps.

Let us look at the best Node.js frameworks for app development.


If you want to quickly develop a web app at a small or large scale, use Express. Launched in 2010, it results in excellent backend development. That is why it is one of the most popular Node.js frameworks.

You can build and shape routes between the app’s front-end and database. Acting as middleware, you can send and receive requests through these routes. The robust application user interface lets you streamline client-to-server requests. It gives more visibility to user interactions.

You can develop single-page, multi-page, and hybrid enterprise-level web applications with Express. It is a minimalistic framework, but you can use plugins to increase its capabilities. Some of its features include:

Express enables a smooth process of developing robust web applications. You just need a basic understanding of Express.js, Node.js environment, and programming competencies. Also, extensive community support lends developers a big help during the development process.

Developers prefer Express because of the improved interaction between the server and the user. The feature of maximum testability is also an attractive point. Moreover, few code lines make web application development faster.

It is a JavaScript-specific framework launched in 2012. It is an open-source, isomorphic web framework that uses only one language. Its wide-ranging libraries and testing features improve communication between the backend and the front-end.

You can integrate it with several other frameworks, giving you better results. A full-stack solution, Meteor helps you build real-time web apps. Moreover, when the app is live and running, you can install updates to it.

Because of its light-weightedness, the need for coding is minimal. Also, it creates a secure environment for app development.

Excellent documentation and a massive user community have made Meteor popular among developers. Also, users find it easy to learn and use. Its compatibility with operating systems such as Android, iOS, and many others makes it a favorite among developers.

The best feature is that clients can make automatic changes to it. Smooth data exchange between clients and servers enables you to create high-streaming applications with real-time functionalities. Quick backend and front-end interactions lead to faster results and higher productivity.

Nest.js is a progressive JavaScript framework written in TypeScript. It is used to develop multi-layered, scalable, and resourceful web applications. Its strong typing enables developers to write enterprise-level apps.

You get a complete pack of functional reactive programming, object-oriented programming, and functional programming. Such a combination lends higher productivity, quality performance, and timeliness to applications. You can integrate it with other sister frameworks, including Express, Fastify, and others.

The systematic code arrangement makes external libraries easy to access and use. This gives you higher flexibility to develop dynamic enterprise-grade applications. One thing you are sure of while using Nest.js is that your app’s backend productivity shoots up.

Used for backend development, Sails.js depends on the ‘convention over configuration’ principle. You are not required to write too much code because it uses code generators. The coding need is high for unique and customized applications, and Sails doesn’t work in that case.

It supports web sockets in real-time and has good documentation. Whether it is a single-page application, REST API, or real-time app, Sails helps you with everything. The only limitation is application security, which is a critical need.

Its compatibility with most databases and front-end technologies is its USP. You can also integrate it well with other JavaScript frameworks. These features make it a suitable framework for developing high-end, customized, and data-oriented applications.

Also, it saves your effort and time in development by using the same API as other developers or web services. Its accurate and updated data makes it suitable for building customized chat applications. Its compatibility with makes it the best integration option for social media and gaming apps.

The same developers who built Express made Koa. The primary merits of Koa against Express are its light-weightedness, robustness, simplicity, and expressiveness. Koa’s core does not have middleware, so it cannot work with traditional Node middleware.

It handles the HTTP middleware using the stack-like method, leading to an easy development process. It gives developers more control of the configuration, which facilitates better error-handling. With fewer restrictions and more flexibility while writing codes, developers’ scope of making errors is less.

The best highlight of Koa is its customizability with several options for personalization. You can build apps from scratch and provide a personalized experience to users. Developers can create feature-rich mobile and web applications due to their interoperability with a wide range of plugins.

The most advanced and updated technologies create Koa.js, leading to its contemporary nature. Its light-weightedness and flexibility help build apps faster with a small footprint. But you must use different tools, plugins, and methods to add modules.

If you wish to wipe out callbacks, use Koa for building apps. Koa does not have routing and templating features but provides a ‘fix and replace node’. Also, it does not have a big community of users to get support from.

You can build large and complex apps using Koa, especially extensive enterprise applications. You can achieve quality results from apps built on Koa. Using the Koa framework, you can translate pages, use different image formats, and personalize content for eCommerce portals.

Hapi.js is an open-source framework capable of building HTTP proxy applications, websites, and API servers. It has several built-in modules and other functionalities, helping you create scalable, secure, and error-free web applications. Some of the features of Hapi include:

Its security and reliability result from the possibility of verification of every code line. Since the framework already has an extensive database of built-in plugins, you don’t need any middleware. If you are looking for a faster development process, avoid using Hapi.

Hapi creates strong intermediation between servers and clients. You can create real-time chatting apps using the scalable, plugin-based architecture.

If you want to build end-to-end APIs or manage API requests, LoopBack is the best framework. The coding needed for this framework is minimal. But if your enterprise system requires handling complicated data structures, LookBack is the way to go.

Its prominent feature is its compatibility with Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and other databases. It can also integrate with various API services and any other Node.js framework. Thus, it is a flexible solution with excellent connectivity with many API services, databases, devices, and browsers.

With extensive documentation and structured code, the app development process is easy and fast. Some of its critical features include:

If you want a faster application development process, you can use the framework. A simple and clean API is its notable feature. You can build real-time apps, such as video conferencing, chat rooms, multi-player games, and many others.

It is a JavaScript library that helps you create applications with requirements for WebSocket development. The coding requirements for is less. You can build robust, real-time applications and offer real-time analytics.

You get a library on the backend as well as on the client-side. framework ensures binary, multiplexing, and auto-reconnection support to build applications. You can rely on this framework because it detects errors and autocorrects them.

If you have got a complex application to build in less time and within budget, use Total.js. You do not need any external support in the development process. The development efficiency is because of the NoSQL database.

Its compatibility with several database systems enables the development of a complete front-end of apps. The API testing feature of the framework enables real-time tracking. All these features lend flexibility to the developers while building apps.

It is a pure JavaScript framework. You get a CMS-like experience with lower maintenance fees. You can also find it in different versions like HelpDesk, CMS, and Eshop. These versions increase your application’s scope in the future for REST services or Internet-of-things integrations. Thus, you can use it for eCommerce web development, customized development, and cloud services.

Lower maintenance costs, accurate real-time tracking, and speedy development are the benefits of this framework.

Develop quick online apps and web services using Adonis.js. It is a popular framework because of its ease-of-use, quick work, and effectiveness. The framework provides uniform ecosystems to build server-side web applications.

Its compatibility with all the leading operating systems makes it attractive to developers. It provides an easy folder structure, helping you keep the coding clean, organized, and structured. As your needs change, you can even change the framework’s structure.

You can confirm user input using the built-in validation source. You have got built-in modules for authentication, mailing, and data validation.

Since it is a new platform, the user base is small, so the documentation is also less. But you can develop fast, secure, and interactive applications.

Get an expert web app developer

We have explained some of the popular Node.js frameworks. Many other frameworks of Node.js with incredible capabilities exist. You can decide which one to use depending on your needs and the framework’s USP. Whether you need more features, customizability, or a lightweight framework – all options are available in Node.js.

Node.js frameworks are popular in the developer market because of their varied features and merits. Developers like them due to their customized coding, user experience, libraries, and template engines. The result of all these is high-performance web applications with scalability as their key characteristic.

Besides the 10 frameworks mentioned above, there are many others as well. But you must choose the one that fits your application needs. And a professional team like that of Digiwagon can help you with it.

Digiwagon’s developers have good expertise in application development using Node.js frameworks. Our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in building web apps using them. We assure you of high-quality apps as per your requirements with continued support services.

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