What Is a Cloud Computing Platform? Various Platforms and Its Uniqueness

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What Is a Cloud Computing Platform?

Let's first understand what is a Cloud Computing Platform? Cloud computing offers you the best solutions to build and maintain a cost-effective in-house IT infrastructure. Due to its scalability, flexibility anytime, and anywhere, many companies prefer cloud-computing platforms. For that matter, even the latest technologies such as Bigdata, AI, ioT, etc make use of cloud computing as a primary resource.

In today’s technical world, you can find a lot of cloud computing platform offering unique services to their clients. Here in this article we are discussing about the top 3 platforms and their uniqueness.

what is a cloud computing platform

Top 3 Cloud Computing Platforms and Their Unqiue Features

It is a popular cloud-computing platform, which offers storage space, data analytics and more. It turns out to be an easily accessible platform not only for individuals and companies but also for Governments. Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands out as a powerful solution as it features an assembled computer with a combination of virtual CPU(s) for processing, internal and external hard disk for storage, Random Access Memory, an operating system of your choice along with inbuilt applications like web servers, databases, etc.

This cloud platform caters a variety of features such as computing, storage, networking, Internet of Things and Machine Learning and allows accessing services even using a public network. You can individually manage your cloud, its security, and development using the tools offered by Google Cloud Platform. It utilizes Cloud SQL and Cloud Datastore for database storage and hence identified as a great dynamic storage solution. The Google Compute Engine (IaaS) and on-demand hosting process virtualization of workload hosting and PaaS operate SDK featured by Google.

Azure is a top-notch product of Microsoft, which operated and managed through data centers of Microsoft. Existing users of Microsoft will surely love this product for its ease of use and reliability. Microsoft Azure enables high security to data and features web development, testing, code deployment, and applications & services management. It supports tools like PHP,, and Node.js for web development. Azure App Fabric is one such feature of Microsoft Azure that enables high authentication and security.


Cloud computing platforms are introduced for proving and implementing betterment in technology, data security and enhance the revenue of businesses yield its maximum. You can always customize your requirement and offer the best solutions to clients/customers.